The Golden Record: If you could send extraterrestrials one message about life on earth, what would that message be?

 NASA scientists faced this challenge in 1977 with the launch of the Voyager spacecraft. Designed to explore the far reaches of interstellar space, the Voyager also carried a message in the form of the “Golden Record,” a gold-plated phonograph record containing 117 images, greetings in 54 languages, various sounds of earth, and music ranging from Chuck Berry to Bach. Scientist Carl Sagan was tasked with assembling the team to create the Golden Record and enlisted science writer Ann Druyan, who remembers being overwhelmed with the undertaking of creating “a cultural Noah's Ark with a shelf life of hundreds of millions of years."

 This package includes an original monoprint and like the Golden Record, a message of hope, crystallized in phonographic form, for the viewer to decipher on their own.